Activities and Attractions

Meeting Dolphins in the wild, living in the sea Neither in the zoo, nor in the aquarium, but in free nature: the experience of meeting dolphins in the wild is overwhelming. There are tours to the Dolphins by boat off the coast of Tavira. Warning: you won’t have a guarantee that you actually will see dolphins. Taking the risk however, is worthwhile. Please let Tamar know. Birdwatching On their way to Africa countless migratory birds rest in the Algarve. June and Peter of Algarvebirders organise excursions to the best places in the surroundings of Quintamar. By the way: also a stork originating from Switzerland regularly hibernates in the Algarve, as we were told by the Swiss Ornithological Observation. In mysticism storks bring babies, in Quintamar they fetch frogs. It is unknown, whether the Swiss  stork is one of the scavengers who serve themselves by the lake. We cannot comment on the mystical activity of storks in Quintamar though. Bicycle tours along the coast The bicycle route Ecovia do Litoral, which passes near Quintamar, leads you past orange- and olive tree orchards all along the sea. It stretches over 214 km from Spain to the Atlantic, ending near São Vicente, at the 70 metre high cliff with the famous lighthouse.